GSI OUTDOORS Infinity Insulated Mug

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Infinity Insulated Mug

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GSI Outdoors Infinity Insulated Mug

  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Material: Clear Polypropylene
  • Infinity: A major leap forward in clean and green plastics, Infinity is an ultra-lightweight, completely recyclable, BPA-Free alternative to Polycarbonate resins. With exceptional clarity, jewel-like brilliance and 25% weight savings over Polycarbonate; its beauty is truly inspired. Furthermore, Infinity will not absorb food odors like other plastics and will not leach plasticizers or other chemicals into either food or beverage. It`s even dishwasher safe and actually becomes more stain-resistant with every wash. Infinity: a final product which is far beyond the sum of its parts.
  • Dimensions: 3.7` x 3.7` x 4.4`
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