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Deet Sportsmen Insect Repellent

 Coleman Deet Sportsmen Insect Repellent

Coleman Deet Sportsmen Insect Repellent

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  • Provides 8+ hours of unscented protection
  • Extreme insect protection - formulated for the needs of outdoor enthusiasts
  • Repels mosquitoes that may carry diseases such as West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Encephalitis as well as biting flies, gnats, chiggers, ticks and fleas
  • Non-greasy
  • Perspiration-resistant
  • What is DEET?

    Technically speaking, its chemical name is N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide. But more practically speaking, it's the stuff that keeps insects away. And it does it extremely well. When looking at DEET repellents, you'll notice that they are available with varying percentage levels of DEET. A common misconception is that the higher the DEET percentage, the stronger the coverage. Not so. Whether you're using 15%, 100% or something in between, all DEET repellents will give you the same great coverage when applied. The difference is in the longevity. Each percentage of DEET corresponds to how long the protection will last. For example, a 15% DEET will provide four hours of protection while a 100% DEET will provide ten hours of protection. It's best to avoid over application, so we have developed an Long Lasting Protection Chart to help you determine what the best coverage is for you based on what you're doing and how long you'll be out there. Over the years, numerous studies have been conducted regarding the health-effects of contact with DEET for short-term, long-term and human exposure. The results show there are no unreasonable adverse effects to people or the environment with the normal use of DEET products. Simply choose the appropriate percentage for your activity, follow the label instructions and you'll be on your way to a safe, insect-free outing!•Provides 8+ hours of unscented protection

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