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Force Dry DX

 Dry Guy Force Dry DX

Dry Guy Force Dry DX

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From rain soaked soccer cleats and sweaty ski or hunting boots to soggy gloves filled with melting snow, the Force Dry DX dries a variety of footwear and gloves in about an hour; leaving you to start your day with dry, comfortable hands and feet. Utilizing gentle forced air and heating to around 105°F, it quickly removes moisture and helps prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause odors and deteriorate your footwear over time. It is completely safe to use and will not shrink, warp, or otherwise harm delicate garments and custom fit liners.

• Heat or No Heat Switch
• 3 Hour Timer
• Super Fast Drying Time
• 4 Extra Tall Air Chambers
• Heats to 105° Fahrenheit - will not harm any liners or garments
• Kills odor causing bacteria, fungus and molds
• Will not damage fragile materials
• Wider base (3cm more width & depth) than original DRYGUY model
• High impact Lightweight Construction
• Whisper quiet forced air technology
• Push Button Disassembly
• Accommodates four garments
• Dries by moving large volumes of warm air over the interior and exterior surfaces of the garment
• Provides ambient (room temperature) air or air that is heated to an average 105 degrees for safe, even heat

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