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RCR Skating Vasa Skis - Stiff - NIS

 Fischer RCR Skating Vasa Skis - Stiff - NIS

Fischer RCR Skating Vasa Skis - Stiff - NIS

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The safe choice for every ski marathon: with this World Cup sidecut and base the skier can also go strong over long distances.

• DTG WORLD CUP UNIVERSAL: Universal structure, ideal for changing conditions. Produced using a natural diamond.
• PREWAXED: Infrared preparation with fluoridecontent hot wax. Best gliding properties, protection against dirt and oxidation. Powered by Swix.
• CFC – COMPUTER FLEX CONTROL: For racers. Minimises differences in residual tension and camber pressure. Top climbing and kick performance.
• SIDECUT WORLD CUP SKATE: Arrow-shaped sidecut for improved performance and dynamics especially for the 1:1 skating technique.
• POWER EDGE: Reinforced ski chassis ensures longer service life. Homogeneous pressure distribution ensures uniform wax wear.
• AIR CORE BASALITE PRO: Extremely lightweight and torsion-free construction with highly stable sidewalls. Volcanic basalt fibres additionally reduce the weight and enable perfect flex characteristics in all temperature ranges.
• LENGTHS: 172-197
• SIDECUT: Worldcup
• WEIGHT / LENGTH: 1190/187cm
• BASE: wc plus

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