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TOTAL RAISED $5,022.69

Totals current through Tuesday, November 21st

Are you interested in supporting the local non-profits listed above? By simply choosing to purchase ALL Patagonia merchandise at Fontana Sports this holiday season, you'll be supporting great, local causes in the Madison community.

Fontana Sports is donating 100% of our Patagonia sales* up to $15,000 to LOCAL environmental non-profits working to create positive change in our own backyards. With a deep respect for nature and a passion for outdoor pursuits, we're determined to empower our customers to make buying decisions that align with their strong environmental values.

As we near the largest shopping day of the year in America and as people think generously about family and friends, we also want to help our customers show love to the planet. For decades, Fontana Sports has proven that caring for our planet is not in conflict with running a successful business and we all stand to benefit from a healthy environment – future generations too.

Make any Patagonia purchase and choose which of five LOCAL environmental groups receive your 100% for the Planet donation. This program begins on Friday, November 16th at 10:00 am CT and runs through Sunday, November 26th, 2017 at 6:59 pm CT or until the $15,000 runs out.

Thank you to Patagonia for sponsoring this grant program and your continued resolve to protect the planet we love.

*100% of Patagonia purchases made in Fontana Sports stores and online at