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5 Paddle & Portage Essentials

5 Paddle & Portage Essentials

So you've registered for the Paddle and Portage this Saturday, July 29, 2017.  You've selected your craft of choice, whether it's a canoe, SUP or kayak, planned out your costume, and grabbed some fuel for the feat. But, do you have our Top 5 Essentials to help you have a successful race?

1. Sun Protection from BUFF®

The weather is scheduled to be BEAUTIFUL for Saturday’s race, with temps in the mid-70s throughout the morning, and the sun climbing into a cloudless sky. Why use a Buff®? With over a dozen ways to wear a Buff®, you’re bound to find at least one way to keep the sun off your neck and face throughout the race, which will help keep you cooler, and feeling fine. Pro Tip: Wet your Buff® on hot, humid days to cool down from the heat (we also like the freezer)!


2. Staying Hydrated with a Hydra-Pack from Camelbak®

Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt.

When you're on the water, you're going to need some water, and when you need some water, choose Camelbak®. With reservoirs from 1.5L to 3.0L, which are perfect for paddling, Camelbak® literally has your back. Pro Tip: Put some ice cubes in your reservoir in the morning to chill your water and body while you paddle.


3. Amphibious Feet with Sandals from Chaco®

Photo: Jeff Vallee

Going from water to land has never felt more comfortable than in a pair of sandals by Chaco®. These stylish sandals offer a custom fit for every owner with adjustable straps that hug your feet like Grandma DeeDee, but without the fuzzy sweater... anyway, with styles for Men & Women, you're sure to find a pair to step into! Pro Tip: Wash off Lake Mendota and Monona by dunking your Chacos in a bucket of soapy water at the end of the day, and rinsing them down, after.


4. Hang on Tight with Chums®

Photo: Blake Peterson Photography

Let Chums® do all the work of hanging on to your expensive investment, so you don't have to. Chums® are born and made in the USA and a necessity for anyone playing on the water. Pro Tip: Most sunglasses do not float; invest in a pair of Glassfloat Classic Retainers. They're like PFDs for your glasses!


5. Stay Safe with a required PFD

Know the 5 types of PFDs and which is best for the activity you're partaking in. Fontana Sports has a wide variety of 'types' to accommodate your active needs. Giving paddleboarding a try? Our favorite SUP PFD is the Stearns SUP Elite Belt Pack Inflatable PFDFor Kayaking and Canoeing, we love PFDs by Astral.