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6 Spring Activites to Get You Outdoors

6 Spring Activites to Get You Outdoors

Spring is coming, or is it? The weather in Madison has felt a little more like winter than spring recently, but with warmer, sunnier weather in the forecast, we're counting down six of our favorite outdoor activities that are geared for sunshine.

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6. Rollerblading

An excellent full-body workout, a set of these wheels are perfect for almost any age! For faster transportation than walking, step into a pair of skates, like the ones from K2, and you'll be to your destination in no time!

Rollerblading is a lower-impact activity than running, and the average person can burn around 1,000 calories an hour! So skate over to the nearest ice cream shop or down to the Terrace for a cold one with friends this spring and feel a little less guilty with every stride.


5. Disc Golf

Madison is home to about a dozen courses that will challenge your abilities during the calmest of days. Disc Golf is similar to traditional golf, where you have specific discs to choose from in different situations, but more compact and user-friendly for the beginner.

Check out our article from National Disc Golf Day 2017 for Madison area parks, tips and videos on getting started with disc golf or stop into our shops to see our entire line of discs!


4. Outdoor Yoga

By now you've probably heard of hot yoga and many of you have probably tried it, too! A great winter treat for your mind and body if nothing else. Now that spring is coming, it's time to break out the mat, hit the grass, and breathe in plenty of sunshine.

Madison has plenty of Meetup's, like this one, where you can surround yourself with yogis willing to help you move deeper into your practice. Manduka, our premier yoga brand, features mats, stability blocks, mat towels and cleaning care products to enhance your practice each time you step onto the mat.


3. Biking

Over the past 10+ years, Madison has been ranked in the Top 10 for being a bike-friendly community. With over 75 miles of off-street bicycle paths, 120 miles of on-street bikeways, designated safety zones at intersections and bike parking at the majority of businesses and institutions, it's no wonder how we've achieved Platinum status in the League of American Bicyclists.

Our selection of Linus bikes are great for weekend commutes, while our Scott bikes will take you down local trails in style! Plan your next ride with Bike Madison, where you can view maps, popular destinations, B-Cycle locations, and more!


2. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Madison is home to beautiful lakes, and rivers worth paddling on every warm, sunny day! From the gorgeous bamboo inlay of a Jobe SUP, to the extremely portable Glide inflatable SUP, wherever there's water, you can be there.

Get started paddleboarding by renting a board for a couple of hours at your favorite destination and then extending your time as you perfect your balance and stamina. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and put you on your NEW paddleboard complete with everything you need for your next adventure on the water!


1. Lounge in a Hammock

Take a break from a hike, enjoy a cold one near the lake, or enhance your camping trip with a hammock-nap. When you're in an ENO or Grand Trunk hammock, you're sure to win.

These parachute-style rigs can hold upward of 400lbs, come in bright, beautiful colors and can be hung just about anywhere. Packable, portable, with tons of accessories available - from sleeping pads to insect netting - wherever adventure takes you, you can take your hammock there!