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Announcing Patagonia recycled Black Hole Bags have arrived!

Announcing Patagonia recycled Black Hole Bags have arrived!


We are thrilled you no longer have to choose between a tough-as-nails gear-hauler and a bag that reduces the amount of waste being thrown into landfills. This season’s Black Hole collection used 10 million plastic bottles to build the 100% recycled body fabric and webbing of these durable travel companions. We are so proud of Patagonia for going out of their way to build recycled products and we’re thrilled we can bring them to Madison for you, our customers.  

Why did Patagonia choose Recycled materials for their Black Hole collection?


Extracting and processing virgin materials takes a HUGE toll on land, water and air. They felt that to do their part for our environment, moving toward 100% renewable and recycled raw materials is the right move. Awesome! Men’s and Women’s Better Sweater styles will also be made of recycled materials this fall. Many sweatshirt and t-shirt styles too. This is awesome news and we’re excited to be on board!


Stop in soon and let us show you the collection or shop online -