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"Birkie" (American Birkebeiner) wax service

"Birkie" (American Birkebeiner) wax service

Fontana Sports offers “Birkie” (American Birkebeiner) wax service for $45 by a local guru known for always having fast boards on race day. :)


We clean skis, freshen the bases, iron in layer of hot wax and then apply a second layer of Swix performance wax pegged to the latest race day forecast. We finish with a hand structure as needed and polish. 


For waxable classic skis, same treatment but we leave the kick zone smooth for racers to apply their own sticky wax of the day. 


For skins or fish-scales, we do the same and treat the kick zone with a Swix product to improve glide and reduce icing.


Skis in by Monday 7 pm of race week (February 20th) will be ready by 7 pm Wednesday. Tell us which race you’re doing and we’ll adjust accordingly. 


Let’s get ready to rock it!!


Mike Ivey

Fontana Sports Ski Tech