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Enhance the Life of Your Gear

Enhance the Life of Your Gear

First of all, this blog post is only for people who own any of these things... a tent, raincoat, winter boots, running shoes, a down jacket, leather footwear, or clothing in general. Oh, that's you? Great, you made the list!


The weather is changing, especially here in Wisconsin, from snow, to slop, to ice and everything else that falls in between. Your shoes are muddy from the trail, your jacket has stopped deflecting melting snowflakes and if that's not enough, those super warm leather gloves you own are starting to show wear. Yikes! Winter in Wisconsin one might say.

What if there was a product that could enhance and prolong the life of your performance clothing, footwear, accessories, and equipment? Spoiler alert: THERE IS and it's called Nikwax.


Nikwax is the perfect solution to enhance the life of your gear, and with a product for nearly any surface, you'll stay fresh and dry throughout the season!




Here are a couple of videos to show you just what we're talking about! Have a question? Email us!