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Fishing on a Fly Report - July 24, 2017

Fishing on a Fly Report - July 24, 2017

Written by Fly Shop Manager Craig Amacker

The Driftless Region got hit with the 100 year flood last week for the 4th time in the last 10 years.  Though most of the spring creeks are still muddy to heavily stained, concentrate your efforts on streams in narrow valleys with a steep gradient and in the headwaters sections of bigger streams because they clear faster.  Streams should be at fishable levels and conditions by next weekend.

Off-colored water has its advantages:  the fish are less spooky,  fish are hungry, big trout are easier to catch, flood water has beat down the bank grass, and any slow moving water is likely to hold fish.  The trick to fishing in off-colored water is to use big dark subsurface flies that are easier for fish to see, use split shot to get the fly down and keep it in the strike zone, and fish the slower moving “soft water” next to the bank.  Also, fish slower and more thoroughly-spots where you typically make 5 casts and move, make 10-15 casts before moving because the fish need a chance to see your fly.

The other silver lining to all this water is that we’ll have great water levels for the rest of the season, and cool water temperatures due to increased spring flow.  It’s easier on the fish, and better fishing for us.  The flood also scours out lots of silt and some in-stream weed growth.

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