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Fishing on a Fly Report - June 11, 2017

Fishing on a Fly Report - June 11, 2017

Fishing Report June 11, 2017

Report by: Craig Amacker

It’s officially Summer and there’s lots happening on the area streams and lakes. On the Driftless Area Spring Creek, the dry fly fishing is still going strong with good blue wing olive hatches happening in the mornings and evenings, and on overcast days. Caddis will still be hatching during the morning and evening. The star of the show right now is the sulfur hatch that happens from late afternoon thru evening-hatches can start in late afternoon if it’s overcast.

Another famous June hatch is the Hexegenia-the biggest of the mayflies- that happens at dark in the slower moving silty areas of a stream. To enjoy this hatch you need some big dry flies, a headlamp, mosquito repellent, an Insectshield sun gaiter, lots of fly floatant, and 2X-3X leaders and tippet. The Hex hatch is Thanksgiving to trophy brown trout and it’s your best opportunity to catch your biggest trout on a dry fly. Also on the night fishing docket is mousing-skating and twitching a deer hair mouse fly across the surface after dark to entice a big trout to eat. This is also a great backup plan if the hex hatch doesn’t happen.

During the hot days it’s best to fish early morning and evening because of lower light, better fish and bug activity, and cooler water temperatures. I like the morning best because the stream temperatures have cooled down overnight making trout more active. If you do fish during the day, deep nymphing, and throwing ant and beetle patterns into the riffles is very productive.

Bluegills and largemouth bass are on the spawning beds in the Madison Area lakes right now-you can catch them walking/wading the shoreline or from a canoe, kayak, or motor boat. Early morning and evening are the best times to go.

With water levels dropping on the lower Wisconsin River smallmouth bass fishing is picking up. Fishing the shoreline structure and bottom ends of the sand bars with baitfish patterns will produce good results for bass and anything else that lives in the river. Always check river flows on the 800-242-1077 hotline before going out-3,000-9,000 is best anything over 10,000cfs don’t go.


Hot Flies:

Sulfurs: Sulfur Sparkle dun #16-18, Bear’s Para Sulfur #16-18, Oragne Julius #16

Hex: Deer Body Hex #6, Neeley’s Adult Hex #6, Loco Hex

Caddis: Iris Caddis tan #17, Elk Hair Caddis Tan #16

Blue Wing Olive: CDC Spring creek Baetis #20, Baetis Saparkle Dun #20-22, Parachute Adams #20

Nymphs: Copper John Zebra #16, Spring creek Scud Gray #12, Tungsten Big Green Baetis #16-18, Pheasant Tail #18-20.

Streamers: Rubber leg Crystal bugger Olive #6-8, Woolly Bugger #8-10, Cross Eyed Muddler Tan #6

Panfish: Craig’s Bluegill Buster Chart/Black/White #12, Micro Popper Chart/Yellow/White #12, San Juan Worm.

Panfish: Craig’s Bluegill Buster Chart/Black/White #12, Micro Popper Chart/Yellow/White #12, San Juan Worm.

Smallmouth Bass: Murdich Minnow#1/0, UMF Baitfish Shad #2, Clouser Minnow Gray/White #2, Bass Popper White.

Pike/Musky: PMS Streamer #3/0 Fire Tiger, Black/Orange, Black/Pink


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