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Fishing on a Fly Report - May 17, 2017

Fishing on a Fly Report - May 17, 2017

Fishing on a Fly Report - May 17, 2017

Report by: Craig Amacker

We’ve seen some thunderstorms, a lot of rain, and warm weather the past couple of days. Though some watersheds-Willow Creek and most of the Grant/Iowa County areas were very muddy yesterday there are still opportunities to fish. After taking a big loop through Richland County to see and fish lots of dirty water, I discovered that Black Earth Creek-25 minutes from my house-was just slightly stained and fished decent. As stated in earlier reports, the key to finding fishable water after a big rain event is to put in some windshield time and look for streams with the best visibility. Ten inches of visibility is fishable water, is just won’t be dry fly purist water. Smaller streams in steep narrow valleys clear and drop the fastest. This is also a good time to fish creeks that are normally air clear with super spooky fish because they don’t see you, your false casts, or your movement easily-think Big Spring Creek.


Hot Flies for Dirty Water: San Juan Worm, Prince Nymph #10-12, Black Rubber Legs #8, Leechinator #4-8, and Rubber Leg Crystal Bugger Black #6-8


If you find clear water look for the following hatches:

Sulfur: Sulfur Sparkle Dun #16-18, Bear’s Para Sulfur #16-18

March Brown(North of the Wisconsin River): March Brown Sparkle Dun #12, Parachute March Brown #12.

Caddis: X-Caddis Tan #16-18, Elk Hair caddis Tan #16-18, Neversink caddis Tan #16, Sparkle Pupa Tan #16

Little Black Caddis: X-Caddis Olive #18, Elk Hair Caddis Olive #18, Sparkle Pupa Black #18

Blue Wing Olive Mayfly: Baetis Sparkle Dun #20, Parachute Adams #18-20, Blue Ribbon Foam Emerger #20.

Midges: Sproat Midge Gray and Black #22, Matt’s Midge #22, Griffith’s Gnat # 20-22.

Nymphs: Copper John Red #16-18, Tungsten zebra Midge Olive/copper #16, Tungsten Big Green Baetis #16-18, Craig’s Spring Creek Scud Tan and Gray #12

Streamers: Woolly Buggers #6-8, Leecinator #8, Craig’s Spring creek Leech Black #10

Warm Water Action: Crappies are spawning now, and bass and bluegills are due on the beds any time now-bluegills usually start spawning Memorial Day weekend.


Hot Flies:

Panfish: Craig’s Bkuegill Buster Chartreuse and Black/White #12, Micro Poppers Chartreuse/Yellow/White #12, Clouser Deep Minnow Chartreuse/Yellow #6 Chartreuse/White #6

Bass: Umpqua Bass Popper White/Chartreuse #6, Clouser Deep Minnow Chartruese/Yellow #2, Fishstress Sculpin #4, Murdich Slider #1/0

Pike/Muskie: PMS Streamer Fire Tiger/Black and Pink/Black and Orange #3/0