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Fontana Sports Recovery

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It breaks our heart to report our store, Fontana Sports, has been destroyed by looting and vandalism. All on the tail of having to be closed for 60+ days due to COVID-19 state restrictions. We are officially closed until further notice; we hope with the support of the community that we have been a fixture of for 71 years that we can reopen again. 
Life is hard for small businesses. Nothing comes easily. We know what a difficult and uncertain time this is for everyone, and we understand that there are many individuals and organizations in need. This includes all of the other downtown Madison businesses that have been affected by late night destruction and looting. If you’re in a position to support us we’ll be extremely grateful to receive that help. There are many expenses not covered by insurance, as well as just paying our bills and employees while dealing with the continued inability to sell our products. Our website is down at this time too because of the looting, which is an extra blow to us.



We hope everyone knows us well enough to know that just because we are heartbroken over our family business being ruined, it doesn’t mean that we are not also heartbroken about the racial injustice in our country. George Floyd was murdered and deserves justice. Black lives matter. Period. 

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with kind words or to offer their help. It is so appreciated. Friends, family, employees (past and present), neighboring small business owners, and more helped us clean up the destruction and pack up what was left of the store early Tuesday morning

We wish everyone health, safety, and peace at this horrible time in our country. And we pray for real change in our justice system.