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1. 2016 Fly Rod Swap

Want to buy the latest greatest in fly rod technology but still have quality rods sitting in your closet that aren’t being used?  With the Fontana Sports Rod Swap you can clean out your rod closet, get that new rod you’ve been dreaming about & save some money too.

Tags: gear swap, fly rods, fly fishing
2. Getting Started in Fly Fishing

Craig Amacker, Fontana Sports store manager and fly fishing guru, talks about how to get started in fly fishing.

Tags: trout, guide trips, fly fishing
3. Fly Fishing in Wisconsin River

Tired of the summer heat and overgrown vegetation on the trout streams? The Wisconsin River is the cure for the midsummer fishing blues.

Tags: fly fishing
4. Choosing a Fly Rod and Reel

Make sure that you pick the right fly rod for the conditions you are fishing!

Tags: fly fishing, rods
5. Gear I Need To Take Up Fly Fishing

What do you need to start fly fishing?

Tags: fly fishing

Displaying: 1 - 5 of 5