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VOTE for Best of Madison 2019

VOTE for Best of Madison 2019

There are two rounds of voting for Best of Madison 2019. The first round of nominations closed August 31. The final voting round is live now! Vote for Fontana Sports Specialties!!



Up to six top vote-getters in each category will become finalists in round two. The final voting period is from September 17 - October 31. Unlike round one of daily voting, in round two of final voting, you will only be able to vote once per category, so consider your pick and make your vote count!

Since Madison Magazine has discontinued the Best of the Burbs poll, the Best of Madison poll will qualify vote-getters residing throughout Dane County, plus cities in the counties contingent to Dane County—which include the counties of Columbia, Dodge, Iowa, Green, Rock, Jefferson and Sauk.

You will be asked to register when you navigate this poll. It will ask for a valid email address to vote. We WILL police entries and follow up on suspicious registrations or ballot stuffing.

In order to move on to round two of voting, vote-getters must be what Madison Magazine considers a local business, and they must qualify for the category. For a business to qualify as local, it must be locally owned and operated and cannot be a national or international franchise. The only exceptions are franchise businesses first established in the state of Wisconsin, as well as car dealerships and hotels.

If you are experiencing issues while voting we recommend you use the browsers Chrome or Firefox. If you cannot view the ballot below, be sure to pause/disable any ad-blockers or browser add-ons. You may need to use a different device if you are not able to find and pause/disable the program that is blocking the ballot.

If you are using an Andriod to nominate: Androids have a particular way to choose dates which might be difficult to enter your birthday. You are able to select the year by tapping on the year (2018) at the top of the page on your phone. Then you can scroll down to choose the year of your birth and use the calendar to select the month and day.