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Welcome 2021!

Welcome 2021!

Welcome 2021! 


We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible support in 2020. It was the toughest year we’ve ever faced in our 72 years in business.


As you may remember we were closed two months during Wisconsin’s COVID-19 lockdown. Then ten days after re-opening, we were looted two nights in a row leading to another two months of having to be closed for repairs. We are still waiting to hear back about many of the insurance claims. We’re very thankful for the federal PPP loan that helped us keep our staff on.


Did I mention I was pregnant for this entire ordeal? Tessa, our 2020 miracle arrived in October. Thank you to my parents (John and Judith) for stepping out of retirement to help keep things together. It has now been 11 months of running our business with COVID-19 precautions. What a year! 


We cannot thank you our loyal customers and friends enough for your support. Your business, GoFundMe donations, helping us clean up after the looting, stopping by with gifts or to see how we were doing - it all means so much! Also a huge thank you to our staff who are the kindest, most caring people you will meet. Without all of you we would not still be in business this year. 


We are not out of the woods yet, but are feeling hopeful about the future. We are looking forward to a busy camping and hiking season coming up this spring. We’re glad you agree, the best way to deal with COVID-19 is to get outside and enjoy our fresh Wisconsin air! 


Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in the shop! 


Elizabeth, John, Judith, Tom and the Fontana Sports Family