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Winter Rentals

Winter Rentals


It's a new year, and we're guessing many of you have resolved to create a "new you". Whether it's more adventures, more activity, more relaxation, more nature, more fun and excitement - Fontana Sports has your back! Don't let the cold slow you down in 2018. Get started with a new Winter hobby or sport!


We offer Winter Rentals to continue the adventure after the snow has fallen. With both snowshoes and cross-country skis to choose from, we'll help you gear up with everything you need to get started.


Cross-Country Ski Rentals - Adult Equipment Only

What's included? We're glad you asked. With cross-country ski daily packages, skis, bindings, boots and poles are included. Form-fitting clothing is recommended when hitting the trail, but wear what's warm and comfortable for you. View some of our cross-country apparel here. Ready to rent? Give our Westside location a call at 608-833-9191


Snowshoe Rentals - Adult & Youth Equipment Available

If you can walk, you can snowshoe! Each rental package includes snowshoes and trekking poles. Simply wear a pair of your own winter boots, strap in and head out! We also carry a variety of gaiters to protect your boots and keep unwanted snow out of your boots and pants. Ready to rent? Give our Westside location a call at 608-833-9191

Cross-Country & Snowshoe Rental Rates

First Day (<24 Hours)

$25 / package

Weekend (<72 Hours)

$50 / package


Do you have a youngster who's interested in Downhill Skiing? Check out our Downhill Ski Junior Lease Program!