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(3-Season, 3-5 Day Trip)


  • Basics

Backpack (35 to 82 Liters - 3,000 to 5,000 cubic inches)

Sleeping Bags (rated between 20 to 50F)

Sleeping Pad


  • Cooking, Eating and Drinking

Two 1-Liter Water Bottles

Water Purification (filter, drops, tablets, etc)

Stove and Fuel

Pot with Lid (1.5L to 3L capacity)

Pan (optional)

Matches / Lighters

Knife / Multi-Tool

Cup or Mug


Spoon or Spork

Pot Scraper (optional)

  • Clothing and Footwear

Hiking Boots / Shoes (be sure to break them in before your trip)

Sandals or Camp Shoes

Wool Hiking Socks

Liner Socks (optional)

Underwear (quick-dry is a good choice)

Long Underwear

Quick-dry Hiking / Convertible Pants

Quick-dry Shorts

Wicking Short Sleeve Shirt

Fleece Jacket

Rain Jacket and Pants

Hat with Brim or Visor

Warm Hat (optional, depending on climate)

Gloves or Mittens (optional, depending on climate)


  • Other Gear

Headlamp (and extra batteries)

Map and Compass


Compression Stuff Sack (for sleeping bag)

Stuff Sacks (for organizing items in pack)

Potty Trowel

Toilet Paper (be sure to keep it in a plastic bag)

Extra Plastic Bags ((for trash etc. Be sure to pack out ALL your garbage)




Lip Balm

Hand Sanitizer

Biodegradable Soap

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Toiletries (contact solution, backup glasses, tampons, etc)

Cord / Rope (for bear bagging etc.)

First-Aid Kit

  • Optional Items

Trekking Poles


Digital Watch

Camera (plus memory cards and extra batteries)

Duct Tape

Book / Journal

Lightweight Hammock

Lightweight Tarp

Trekker Chair or Camp Seat