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  • Shelter

Tent (appropriate size for your camping party)

Ground Tarp/Footprint

Shelter / Screen House (a place to stay comfortable outside of the tent while hanging out, eating, or cooking)

Tent Accessories (stake mallet, extra tent stakes, gear loft, repair kit, etc.)

  • Sleeping

Sleeping Bags (with an appropriate temperature range for the weather)

Sleeping Pads / Air Mattress

Camp Pillows

  • Lighting


Headlamps / Flashlights


  • Camp Kitchen

Stove and Fuel

Dishes and Eating Utensils

Pots and Pans

Cooking Utensils and Gadgets

Cleaning Items


  • Camp Fire

Matches and/or Lighters

Fire Starter / Newspaper

Hatchet or Ax

Kindling and Firewood

Marshmallow Roasters

  • Toiletries

Camp Towels

Camp Soap

Shampoo and Hairbrush

Toothbrush and Holder, Toothpaste