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  • Skis with bindings (one set per person)

Have your skis been used lately? Make sure they are tuned and waxed if necessary.

  • Nordic ski poles & boots (one set per person)

If you’re borrowing skis and/or boots, make sure the boots fit in the bindings.

  • Nordic ski socks (one pair per person – wool suggested)
  • Jacket, pants, base layers (wool suggested), hat, and gloves or mittens

If it’s cold or windy out, consider a balaclava or neck gaiter.

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm with SPF (30+)
  • Backpack or Hydration Pack (depending on how serious a venture you’re making) 
  • Filled water bottle (If not bringing a hydration pack)
  • Credit card, cash and photo ID
  • Permits or park passes
  • Map or trail/route guide book (with waterproof case or in Ziploc bag)

Tell someone where you are going as well or leave an itinerary in your car.

  • First-Aid Kit (Adventure Medical Kits suggested)
  • Matches and/or lighter in waterproof container
  • Duct Tape (smaller amounts available in camping section)
  • Bungee cord or prepackaged repair kit
  • Camera , binoculars, multifunction watch and compass
  • Headlamp or flashlight and extra batteries
  • Knife or multi-tool
  • Whistle or other noise maker and signaling mirror
  • Snacks - Trail mix is my favorite. Granola or energy bars are great too
  • Change of clothing, water and snacks for afterwards
  • Other items you may want to consider:

Cell phone
Two-way radios
Spare socks
Snow shovel
Avalanche Transceiver
Water filter
Emergency fire starter
Extra day of food supplies
Emergency shelter (tent, tarp or emergency blanket)
Hand warmers or foot warmers (HeatMax or Grabber suggested)
Is your dog coming with? Doggy poop bags.