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  • Skis with bindings (one set per person)

Have your skis been used lately? Make sure they are tuned and waxed if necessary.

  • Ski boots and poles (one set per person)

If you’re borrowing skis and/or boots, make sure the boots fit in the bindings.

  • Ski socks (one pair per person – wool suggested)
  • Jacket (if it’s cold – insulated), snow pants, base layers (wool suggested), hat, and gloves or mittens.

If it’s really cold or windy out, consider a balaclava or neck gaiter.

  • Goggles or sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm with SPF (30+)
  • Helmet (one per person)
  • Credit card, cash and photo ID
  • Lift Ticket and Mountain Map
  • Filled water bottle (if not bringing a hydration pack). Leave in a locker or your car if you don’t want to carry it.
  • Camera, watch (consider multifunction) and compass
  • Whistle or other noise maker
  • Snacks - Trail mix is my favorite. Energy bars, gels, chews and granola bars are great too.
  • Change of clothing, water and snacks for afterwards
  • Other items you may want to consider (many of these are only if you are going off trail skiing):

Hand warmers or foot warmers (HeatMax or Grabber suggested)
Cell or satellite phone
Spare socks
Map or trail/route guide book (with waterproof case or in Ziploc bag)
Tell someone where you are going or leave an itinerary in your car if you are skiing off trails.
Two-way radios
Climbing skins
Wax, skin wax, waxing tools
Headlamp or flashlight (extra batteries)
First-Aid Kit (Adventure Medical Kits suggested)
Matches and/or lighter in waterproof container
Duct Tape (smaller amounts available in camping section)
Knife or multi-tool
Snow shovel
Avalanche Transceiver
Water filter
Emergency fire starter
Extra day of food supplies
Emergency shelter (tent, tarp or emergency blanket)