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You don’t want a mask to leak any water while snorkeling (or SCUBA diving) so you want to take a little time to "fit" a mask. There are two popular ways to try on a mask and check it for fit.

  1. Hold the mask up to your face (and without the use of the strap) breath in through your nose. If your face and the shape of the mask are similar you will easily create a vacuum. In general, if the shape of your face and the mask are not similar, you will need to press the mask against your face and breath in with effort to make the mask stick.
  2. Tilt your head back and look straight up, place the mask on your face (and again, without the use of the strap). Now, as you are looking up, look around the edges of the mask and see if there are any gaps. Gaps would be a sign that the mask may not be a great fit. Breath in through your nose and create a vacuum. You should be able to do this without much effort.