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Snowshoe Instruction

We love teaching people new ways to enjoy the outdoors, and snowshoeing is a great way to do just that. If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Snowshoe Instruction has proven valuable for all types of groups whether it’s children or adults, corporate or school groups, or family gatherings. There is a cost associated, but it’s a great way for groups to get into the outdoors, get some exercise and learn a new sport. Charging for the snowshoe course to recoup some of the fees is allowable. Contact Elizabeth at 1.800.257.7666 for more information.

Snowshoes are $15 per pair for weekend instruction or $10 per pair for weekday instruction with a minimum of 10 pairs. In addition there is an $100 minimum instruction fee that covers up to 2 hours. Additional instruction fees of $50 per hour will be charged for each hour beyond 2. This fee covers at least one staff member to teach the course, travel and prep time. If the instruction space is further than 15 miles from our stores we will need to charge additionally for driving time.

Fly Fishing Instruction

We offer fly casting classes, guide trips, float trips and more.Visit Fly Fishing Classes & Guiding for more information

Kayak Instruction

We offer Kayaking 101 Classes as well as Comprehensive Intro to Kayaking. Please visit our Events Page for more information.


Selection may vary by season. Please call or stop by stores to confirm availability of gear. We do not hold rentals. They are rented on a first come basis.

Gear available to rent:


(visit our Westside for more information)


Cross-Country & Snowshoe Rental Rates

First Day (<24 Hours)  $25 / package
Weekend (<72 Hours)  $50 / package