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• Soy wax blend with plant-based Fluorocarbon alternatives
• 25 grams of paste wax
• Applicator included
• Temperature Range 28℉-40℉
• 7-10 K durability
• Smells like cinnamon


Looking for a Quick “green” way to wax your skis and feel good about it? Fast Wax is pleased to announce the release of Quick Eco Speed Paste Wax. Finally, a wax that is easy to apply and easy on the environment.

Using Fast Wax’s 26 years of wax engineering experience, Quick is made using all-natural waxes and speed additives. Quick is our first line using 100% plant-based Fluorocarbon alternatives. For casual skiers Quick makes a great, value option for fast skis while having zero long term impact on the environment. Quick comes in a small tin that fits easily in to your pocket or fanny pack.

Like an automotive wax, the tin contains 25 grams of a semi-solid wax along with a wax applicator. Rub the applicator on the wax inside the tin and then wipe the wax on to your ski. Let the wax sit for 2-3 minutes then buff it in using a Fast Wax Speed Block or a cork. Now that’s Quick!

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