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Be Fast or Be Last ™

Looking for a quick and easy to use all-purpose wax for your skin skis? Or are you looking to make your “Wax Less” skis more efficient? Look no further than Fast Wax, Skin Ski Wax. Skin Ski Wax is an easy to use paste wax. Now you can wax your skis anywhere. Simply apply a thin layer with the included applicator. Let the wax sit for a couple minutes and buff it in. No need to make your skis perfectly flat for a liquid wax to work or the time needed to use a hard wax.

Small enough to go with you everywhere and will wax 20+ pairs of skis.


How do you keep snow from sticking to your ski skins? Skis feeling sluggish while on the trail? Must be all that snow sticking to the bottom of your ski. Take a couple of minutes and touch up the tips and tails on your skis. The handy tin is small enough to fit into your pocket, take it with you every time you go out. No need to make your skis perfectly flat like with a liquid wax. The heavy duty tin can take the abuse of living in your boot bag. Leave the wax box at home. The fluorocarbons in Skin Ski Wax will keep you on top of the wet snow and not in it. Skiing on dirty old snow? Well the fluorocarbons come to the rescue again. Repelling environment contaminates like dirt and tree sap from sticking to your ski base.

Do you need an easy wax to keep the snow from loading up your skins or to wax the tips and tails of your wax less skis?

Wax Technology:

Fast Wax Ski Skin wax is a quick and easy to use all-purpose fluorinated paste wax. Made of a blend of waxes to provide good performance over a wide range of temperatures. The paste wax conditioner is easy on your ski bases and wallet.

How to use:

Simply apply a thin layer with the included applicator. Let the wax sit for a minutes and buff it in with the applicator or a cork. Thats it, quick, simple, and easy. Now get back on those rocket skis and enjoy yourself. No more snow sticking to your ski bases! A light coat of Ski Skin wax across your skin zone will keep snow and water from sticking in this zone. The wax will stick to the fibers and hairs of the skins to provide a surface that snow has a hard time sticking to.

A little goes a long way each tin has enough wax for 20+ pairs of skis. Depending on trail conditions expect to see 8-12 km of glide before needing to reapply.

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