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Excellent wax for humid days and new wet snow.
• Peak Range 30° to 50° F
• Iron Temperature 257° F
• Blend of paraffin wax and non-Fluorocarbon speed additive
• Use when humidity is greater than 30%
• 80 grams


A revolution has hit the snow. A revolution, that leaves Fluorocarbons in the dust, and moves you forward with a speed additive that has Fluorocarbon like performance. All with out the drama of Fluorocarbons.

The new Fast Wax line of THUNDERBOLT and THUNDERBOLT PLUS race waxes, provides excellent speed additives that are better for the environment and still provide break neck speed and all day durability.

Thunderbolt utilizes hydrophobic ceramic nano-spheres. When these spheres make it to the surface of your ski the high surface area provides more water repelling power where you need it most.

Not only does this new additive repel water, its super strong structure provides superior abrasion resistance. Making snow conditions less of a factor in your quest for speed!

Thunderbolt is the non-Fluorocarbon replacement for the HSLF line of Fast Wax, waxes.  Thunderbolt 30 is a direct replacement for HSLF 30, Thunderbolt 40 is a direct replacement for HSLF 40, and so on.

AKA “The Supercharger” -when spring hits and the snow starts to loosen up, Thunderbolt -40 puts the hammer down!

When you are looking for a low fluoro ski wax that shines north of the freezing mark and the humidity starts to rise? You found it. Fast Wax HSLF 40 is locked and loaded to eliminate wet friction. A super soft wax and our exclusive fluoro technology are key to your speed. When the thermometer rises above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the fluorocarbons really kick in, and get you MOVING.

Making it an all around excellent wax for casual skiing, training, or racing.  Always a great choice of wax for humid new snow, wet snow, or pond skimming, this is a very versatile wax for the ski trail or the slopes. Excellent dirt repelling properties and base protection.

This wax is a favorite of springtime skiers from the plains to the mountaintops, across the world.

Wax Technology:

Thunderbolt 40 is an engineered blend of several paraffin waxes each selected for a key property to form an exceptional ski wax. This selective blending process combined with our unique environmentally friendly non-fluoro compound gives Fast Wax skier’s an advantage in speed and durability over other products. Like all Fast Wax products Thunderbolt 40 irons in smooth and scrapes out easily.

A mix of hard waxes to provide a solid foundation for Thunderbolt 40. These hard waxes help keep the wax in the ski as the snow attempts to pull it out. Ironed in wax provides extra durability. The pores of the ski base will expand from the irons heat allowing wax to sink deeper in to it.  Now your ski or snowboard can go for miles and miles with excellent glide. You want to be on the hill or trail and not stuck in the wax room, right?

When to use:

When the temperature is over 30 degrees and humidity is over 30% is when you should use Thunderbolt 40. Here wet friction starts to rob you of your speed. Fight back and stay fast. Get a ski wax that is engineered from the ground up for durability and speed.

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