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22oz Water Bottle

 Zzzz 22oz Water Bottle

Zzzz 22oz Water Bottle

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The 22 oz. Bubi Bottle in a vibrant aray of colors is the ultimate (eco-friendly, reusable, space-saving, foldable) water bottle for long hikes, day trips or any thirsty adventurers. Re-use it. Freeze it. Boil it. Best of all, when you're not using your Bubi Bottle, you can Scrunch it! That's right, the Bubi Bottle is the world's first scrunchable water bottle. Once you drink your water you can actually roll it up and use the specially designed carabiner tab to secure it in that position. With your 22 oz. bottle folded down to a fraction of its original size, you're free to focus on the adventure at hand. The Bubi Bottle is the perfect sport water bottle for anyone with an active lifestyle, from the Iron Man to the Weekend Warrior.

• The 1.75 inch opening provides easy filling and dispensing. The mouth has a retainer which meters the water flow and can be removed to add ice.
• Made of high grade silicone. BPA-free and FDA-approved for food contact.
• Eco-friendly, RoHS approved in Europe, FDA-approved in USA, materials.
• Produced in two sizes: 12oz and 22oz, to meet your specific needs. Fits easily into a pocket or fanny pack.
• Totally spherical (with no creases), the bottle can be cleaned easily with a brush or place in the dishwasher.

Originally designed as a water bottle, it does so much more!!
• Microwave* & Freezer safe (can be used as cold & hot compress)
• Mold resistant
• BPA Free
• Great for hot and cold beverages, you can freeze or microwave it. It retains its shape and never releases harmful chemicals
• Dishwasher safe
• Dimensions: 9.5 high x 2.75 diameter
• Lightweight - 5.5oz
• Holds 22 oz.
*Remove the cap and carabiner before placing in the Microwave.

• Hot or cold beverages
• Hot or cold compress
• Hot or cold Pillow
• Stress and arthritis pain relief
• Warming bed, hands, ski boots
• Ice or hot pack
• Laundry detergent
• Cleaning products
• Dry or liquid medicine
• Milk, juice, breast milk
• Hydration

• Matches
• Bandages
• Cell phone

• Flour
• Spices
• Pancake mix
• Hiking
• Biking
• Running
• At the beach
• Scuba diving
• Sailing
• Canoeing
• Camping
• Kayaking
• Back packing
• Exercising

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