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The Radiant Rechargeable Utility Light shines through any task, packing in a high-intensity flashlight, white task light, and red task light into one compact body, plus a removable rotating magnetic bracket for easy mounting and adjusting.


The Radiant Rechargeable Utility light is your all-in-one task light, integrating a full-feature flashlight, white task light, and red task light all in one compact body. Nestled in a removable rotating magnetic bracket for instant attachment to metal objects, you can adjust your beam as needed to find the perfect hands-free light for your work. The high-intensity flashlight in its head features three modes of high, low, and strobe, maxing out at a whopping 850 lumens for the perfect handheld flashlight.

The dual color task lights are embedded in its side, each with high and low modes. The white task light is perfect for tabletop tasks, with a maximum brightness on high of 230 lumens. The red task light preserves your night vision while working outdoors, also featuring a flashing signal mode in case of emergencies. The utility light also has a built-in memory feature that saves your last used light setting, returning to that setting when you turn back on. Attach it to the hood while working on your car, above your workspace while focusing on detailed work, or keep it in your hand when a classic flashlight is all the job calls for.

The tail end of the light stands upright if you'd prefer to go without the magnetic bracket and features the tailcap switch for activating and switching between modes. This utility light has a run time of 4 hours with the flashlight on high, a recharge time of 3 hours via included USB-C cable, and also features lockout mode to prevent accidental battery drain. With 3 distinct lights, 8 different modes, a max of 850 lumens, and endless utility, this it truly the complete package in a portable work light.

  • High intensity flashlight and dual color task light
  • Eight modes (plus lockout):
    • Flashlight: High, low, strobe
    • White task light: High, low
    • Red task light: High, low, signal
  • Lumens:
    • Flashlight: High 850 Lumens | Low 90 Lumens
    • White task light: High 230 Lumens | Low 25 Lumens
    • Red task light: High 7.5 Lumens | Low 0.8 Lumens
  • Run time:
    • Flashlight: High 4 hours | Low 16 hours 30 min
    • White task light: High 4 hours 30 min | Low 45 hours
    • Red task light: High 27 hours | Low 240 hours
  • Removable rotating magnetic mounting bracket
  • Impact-resistant (up to 2m) and water-resistant (IPX4)
  • Tailcap switch activates modes and stands upright on its end
  • Memory feature automatically saves last color setting when you turn back on
  • Lockout mode prevents accidental battery drain
  • Indicator light below task light turns from red to green when fully charged
  • Recharges in approximately 3 hours with USB-C cable (included)
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