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Keep your valuables out of sight, yet still easily accessible to only you - with the RFID Blocking Clip Stash Pouch, a clever belt wallet. Constructed of lightweight nylon material, it feels smooth against your skin. More importantly, it protects you against electronic identity theft and pickpocketing. With a lining to specifically prevent unauthorized scans of your credit cards, the RFID-blocking material will ensure that your personal information won’t be lifted.

Cards can carry chips that can transmit personal and financial information to an e-reader. With an e-reader in hand, an identity thief can scan your information simply by walking by you. Pack each day with the peace of mind that comes from carrying the Travelon RFID Blocking Clip Stash Pouch.

• This hidden travel wallet is a great alternative to the traditional wallet while traveling or participating in sports and events where a full wallet is inconvenient to carry

• Carabineer locks onto a belt loop or bra strap and worn undergarment

• Resists shrinking when washing, odors and mildew

• RFID protection prevents against electronic identity pickpocketing

• Air mesh back panel for comfort

• 5in x 0.1in x 3.5in

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