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Thunderbolt 0 White is the gold standard for cold weather waxes
• Peak Range -30° to 8° F
• Iron Temperature 284° F
• Paraffin and Synthetic waxes
• 80 grams


A revolution has hit the snow. A revolution, that leaves Fluorocarbons in the dust, and moves you forward with a speed additive that has Fluorocarbon like performance. All with out the drama of Fluorocarbons.

The new Fast Wax line of THUNDERBOLT and THUNDERBOLT PLUS race waxes, provides excellent speed additives that are better for the environment and still provide break neck speed and all day durability.

Thunderbolt utilizes hydrophobic ceramic nano-spheres. When these spheres make it to the surface of your ski the high surface area provides more water repelling power where you need it most.

Not only does this new additive repel water, its super strong structure provides superior abrasion resistance. Making snow conditions less of a factor in your quest for speed!

Thunderbolt is the non-Fluorocarbon replacement for the HSLF line of Fast Wax, waxes.  Thunderbolt 0 is a direct replacement for HSLF 0, Thunderbolt 10 is a direct replacement for HSLF 10, and so on.

Extremely cold snow needs a cold weather ski wax that can stand up to the speed reducing, abrasive friction created as you ski over it.

Wax Technology:

Thunderbolt 0 is specifically engineered with a blend a special hard wax and balanced with a specialty micro wax, along with a tough synthetic wax. A blend five different waxes are married to form an exceptional ski wax. That excels in and under extreme conditions.

Another use of Thunderbolt 0 is by Alpine racers who use Thunderbolt 0 to fight base burn. Placing Thunderbolt 0 under your bindings will help you dissipate heat generated in high G turns. Simply apply a layer of Thunderbolt 0 on top of your base prep. Then finish with a layer or layers of the race wax you will be using that day.

Since Thunderbolt 0 is a hard wax you will need to iron this in, let it cool, and scrape it off. You will be shocked at how easy Thunderbolt 0 irons in and scrapes out. You will not find another extreme cold weather wax that is so easy to apply.

When to use:

No need to be afraid of dry, cold, fine grained, powdery snow anymore when you are skiing on Thunderbolt 0. Ideally one should use Thunderbolt 0 when it is at or below zero degrees out.

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