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  • Universal Low Fluoro Cold
  • Temperature Range -20° F to 20° F
  • Iron Temperature 284°F


Fast Wax Universal Cold is our most popular Universal ski wax. Excellent on Cold Abrasive Snow or Fresh New Fallen Cold Windblown Snow, excellent on artificial and transformed snow. Designed for the skiers and riders looking for a long lasting all season wax.

Wax Technology:

This selective blending process combined with our unique environmentally friendly fluoro compound gives Fast Wax skier’s an advantage in speed and durability over other products. Like all Fast Wax products Universal Cold irons in smooth and scrapes out easily.

A mix of hard waxes to provide a solid foundation for Universal Cold. These hard waxes help keep the wax in the ski as the snow attempts to pull it out. Ironed in wax provides extra durability. The pores of the ski base will expand from the irons heat allowing wax to sink deeper in to it.  Now your ski or snowboard can go for miles and miles with excellent glide. You want to be on the hill or trail and not stuck in the wax room, right?

When to use:

When the temperature is between -20 and 20 degrees and humidity is over 40% is when you should use Universal Cold.

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