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The WISCONSIN State Parks Adventure Book is part planner, part journal, and 100% your adventure!

Created to include dedicated space for you to plan your journey and share your experience. Check out each of the 58 State Parks, and cross them off your MUST DO exploration list. Then look back at the experiences with your family and friends. 

Plan your adventures, then share all of the fun!

We have organized each park in alphabetical order, making it a breeze to locate the park you are looking for.

WISCONSIN has 58 protected areas known as state parks.

Enjoy all of the natural beauty, unique geological features, and unusual ecosystems the WISCONSIN State Parks offer us.

Each one of the 58 Wisconsin Parks has a dedicated 2-page spread.

On the left side of each 2-page spread you have:

  • A place to plan the details of your trip.  
  • A section for reservation information, including refund policy, reserved dates, address, check-in and check-out times, website, phone, wifi information, and even a place for your confirmation number.
  • Plus an area to show how far you are traveling. 
  • A fun color-in of the transportation modes you used during your adventures in the park
  • A space to attach your favorite postcard, picture, drawing, or ticket stub.

On the right side contains park information and give you a place to share the special moments about your journey.

Park Information

  • The county the park is located in
  • The year the park was established 
  • The number of acres in the park

Special Moments

  • Include why you went
  • Who went with you
  • When you went 
  • An unforgettable moment
  • A laughable moment
  • A surprising moment
  • A shareable moment
  • A beautiful moment
  • A snapped selfie checkbox 
  • A fun color-in of the weather you experienced during your adventures
  • Make it all about YOU and your journey!

Also inside is an adventure checklist to make your adventures even more memorable. 

We want you to spend every moment of your trip enjoying every bit of the WISCONSIN State Parks! 

Page Count: 143 pages

Print Size: 8.5x11 inch paper

Made in the USA


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